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No Coverage / Port Full / Missing Unit

Here are the Unlimited Wireless broadband  Alternatives to the Fibre Broadband Service

Check it Your Phone is 4G Enabled

Make sure have 4G signal Strength on your phone display

Test the internet speed

What is a good result on speedtest? If more than 10 Mbps above it maybe batter then without an internet connection at your office.

The internet speed is based on location, If the user changes locations, the speed may change because the signal varies depending on the coverage area.

Get in touch with us

That we Celcom Business very confident of the speed and offering 30 days trial and return policy,

RM 135 per month fee
30 day’s A month
RM 4.50 per day cost

Average RM4.50 a day to increase your work productivity

For Open a New Account, here the 📄 document need:

✔️ SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58
✔️ Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
✔️ Company lastest 3 months bank statement (1st & last page will do)
✔️ Person incharge IC front & Back (Optional)
✔️ Company Site Visit Photo with company signboard/signage

How do we help the company Director / PIC to apply the Celcom Wireless Broadband via email, call & WhatsApp, without walking into the Celcom center. 

Company infomatin

Signature & Stamp

Packages & Detail

Signature person Person to receive sim card & device
Full name: ?? Full name: ??
IC no:: ?? IC no: ??
Position: ?? Position: ??
Mobile: ?? mobile: ??
Email: ?? Email: ??


After your share with us, the information above we will assist your company fill the form and send it to you via email, WhatsApp, or any channel that can reach your address.

Ask us any questions