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IoT The future of Smart Safety & Security

Enjoy end to end solutions with smart cameras, connectivity and more

IoT The future of Smart Safety & Security

Enjoy end to end solutions with smart cameras, connectivity and more

Enhance the safety and security of your business

The innovations in smart safety & security are sure to bring your business to the next level and grant peace-of-mind. With thermal cameras to detect fever on humans, surveillance cameras with facial recognition for criminal detection and other offences, enhanced geo-fencing of vehicles for trespassers and seamless counting of passengers, among many other solutions, it’s safe to say securing your business has never been easier. 

Remote monitoring

Securely and remotely monitor your facility, anytime, anywhere.

Simple and effective

Surveillance has never been simpler with facial recognition, geo-fencing and more.

Always notified

Detect crime and related events with enhanced surveillance cameras, real-time technology, and notify officials quickly.

Cost effective

Enjoy large savings on manpower cost and increased efficiency.

Security at its best

Keep track of and prevent loss of critical company assets.

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Machine to Machine M2M NB-IoT

What do we offer?

Get the IoT Connectivity expertise you need for your business.

The flexible allocation quotas suits the various industries

M2M Tips – Public IP vs Private IP – Addressing for M2M/IoT Devices

M2M/IoT SIM Card is easy to activate and get started with your IoT project.

For the first time register, it takes 7-10 working days, because of the need to do a credit check of the company via celcom Business Credit Teams. Verified and confirm with the company director to make sure it is genuine. Get the form

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How to Request?

For Open a New Account, here the 📄 document need:
✅ SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58
✅ Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
✅ Company lastest 3 months bank statement (1st & last page will do)
✅ Person incharge IC front & Back (Optional)
✅ Company Site Visit Photo with company signboard/signage

✅ Celcom M2M Sim Card

✅ Celcom M2M Portal Access 

1. Celcom M2M package is tied up with 12 month minimum contract upon activation date.
2.For new Celcom New Account applicant needed at least 5-10 working days working day to complete whole process include sim delivery.
3. You will receive a email for your Celcom M2M Portal Access (username & password) within 5 working days once your order approve.