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The New & Improved Business Gold Plan

Enjoy Unlimited Internet and more features at a more affordable price!

The New & Improved Business Gold Plan

Enjoy Unlimited Internet and more features at a more affordable price!

Why it makes business sense

Unlimited Internet Access

Enjoy seamless connectivity for smoother workflow

Connects Multiple Devices

Enjoy 4G internet on your mobile device, computers, laptops and more

Hassle-Free Installations

Just Plug & Play at the office, leave the rest to us

No Wall Hacking

No messy cables at your desk. Only a stable and reliable connection.

Upgraded Gold, Upgraded Benefits

Business wireless plans with better value for you.

Get in touch with us

Want to know more? Check our FAQ

What is Celcom Business Wireless?

Celcom Business Wireless is an Internet connection provided by connecting to the 4G mobile network, which can be good for Cafe, Homestay, SOHO, budget Hotel that can’t access Fibre or ADSL, yet need a reliable connection with lots of data. It allows you to enjoy a 4G/LTE connection directly to your computer, television, smartphones and other smart devices via seamless WiFi access anywhere within your area. 

What are the conditions for subscription?

Celcom Business Wireless is available for corporate officials and registration is using a BRN number.

Can I register for a package without the Celcom Business Wireless Router (i.e. SIM-only plan)?

No, Celcom Business Wireless comes with a router and a SIM card. 

Can I purchase the Celcom Business Wireless Router without a contract?

No, you are not allowed to purchase a modem only. 

Do Celcom Business wireless packages come with calls and SMS?

No, this plan does not support calls or outgoing SMS. 

How can I check my usage quota?

You can check your usage quota via the Contact Center. 

If my base quota is depleted, can I continue to browse?

Yes, once your monthly allocated Internet quota finishes, the speed will be throttled to 64kbps until your next billing cycle. 

My Celcom Business Wireless router is not working. How do I get it fixed?

If your Celcom Business Wireless router is still under warranty (24 months), you can walk in to any bluecube for a replacement or order one online through an Account Manager.

Would Celcom install a premise router for me?

No. It’s a plug-and-play router, so no installation is needed for this service. 

What are the monthly fees?
Package Celcom Business Wireless
Plan Gold Plan
Monthly Fee RM135


What is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is 24 months from the activation date.

Where do I go and whom do I contact for after-sales support and enquiries?

You may call our Customer Service Consultant at 013-4513131 and you will receive end-to-end service for your enquiries regarding Celcom Business Wireless.

What is 30-Day Return Policy?

30-Day Return Policy is for Celcom Business Wireless customers who want to cancel their 24-month contract within 30 days and there will be no monthly fee charged to the customer.

How can I be entitled to the 30-Day Return Policy?

Every Celcom Business Wireless subscriber is automatically entitled to 30-Day return policy. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must return the Celcom Business Wireless Router with all accessories in good condition and fill in the termination form within 30 days after the plan is activated.
You must bring the device to any Celcom bluecube or via an Account Manager when you request the termination, if you fail to return the device, a penalty will be imposed and you must pay a penalty fee. RM499 or RM3600 should be charged to the customer bill or else the termination cannot be done. If the device is returned in a bad condition, lost or if you refuse to return the device to Celcom, the warranty of the device will be deemed void.

What happens if I return an incomplete or faulty Celcom Business Wireless Router due to my negligence?

Penalty will be incurred if you terminate without returning the complete set or a faulty/dented modem. The penalty fee is RM499 or RM3600 depending on the package respectively. A complete set of accessories includes a router, adaptor, LAN cable, user manual and router box.

Where do I return my Celcom Business Wireless Router and complete set of accessories?

You have to go to any Celcom bluecube or via an Account Manager if you want to return the device.

What will I see on my first bill?

You will receive your first bill on the second month of your subscription together with the package value on the second month. You will see a statement reflecting your monthly access fee plus a pro-ration of the access fee from the date of your registration to the date that you are billed and a processing fee of RM10. Additional charges and rebates will be reflected based on the offerings that are part of your package.