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Can I reduce my postpaid mobile bill by requesting port to Celcom Business

❌ Do you understand your mobile postpaid plan?
❌ Did you know who is your mobile postpaid account manager?
❌ Is it you feel your mobile phone bill mess out

This is one of the examples the company use MTelco Business Mobile Postpaid plan which is their feel the bill still expensive 

The company was recommended by the sales consultant to use RM98 x 5 lines = RM490 per month, and the person in charge feel the bill was too expensive. Because most of the users now selfdom use the phone call, mostly use WhatsApp and want to keep the mobile number.  So their Director searched for a way to reduce the bill.

Here is the Proposal Reduce 40% of the monthly fee.

Understanding the demands of the business, such as maintaining the mobile number, requiring unlimited calls, and need additional data.

The plan we suggest will satisfy the request and allow you to save RM4704 within two years. In addition to saving money, the business receives a free smartphone for online office support.

you name it you have it

MEGA™ is Celcom’s most innovative postpaid plan that delivers the flexibility to help businesses cope with the greater demand for connectivity

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After understanding the company’s needs as keeping the mobile number, need unlimited calls, and more data need. 

The plan we recommend matches the request with able to enjoy RM4704 savings within 2 years.

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